Automotive Colours


The colour swatches are for basic illustrative purposes only. They are not an exact or accurate sample of colour.
We carry a large range of metallic and candy colours that are not shown.
We may be able to create a metallic colour that is close to what you desire.


During my many years in the powder coating industry, I have learnt that not all powders are created equally. What I mean is that there is much variation in the quality of the final finish between different brands and different colours. I attribute this to the quality of ingredients and characteristics of pigments that create the colour we see. You may hear me talk about the flow of a powder when you come in to choose a colour for your project, the quality of flow is how I gauge a great powder coat job from an average one.

My meticulous preparation and powder application techniques developed over a decade have pushed the powders I use to their limits of flow and have exposed a number of colours that will only ever look average in their final finish.

What separates Robertos Custom Powder from most powder coating shops is that we consult you on the level of quality that can be reasonably achieved with the chosen colour. When the quality of your project is paramount, we may discourage the use of certain colours. When using the highest quality powders, the quality of our finished product is often compared to that of a professional 2pak spray painted finish with the durability of powder coat.

In case you’re wondering, yes our gloss black flows very well.