Powder Coating for BMX and Bicycles – Gallery

Welcome to our bicycles gallery. Many of our customers come to us with their componentry because we have set the benchmark in quality Australian powder coating for BMX and bicycles.

We know where to apply the powder, we know which parts to mask up, we know that your components are valuable to you and that you want them to look their best and go the distance. We know that you don’t want to spend your weekend removing tape and powder from bearing surfaces and threads, we treat your componentry just like we would treat our own. We also look out for serial numbers as they are important for identification of frames, we are careful to keep these visible where possible.

Our aim in business is to service the powder coating needs of bike enthusiasts by sharing a common interest and exchanging knowledge on how components should perform and should look. We are not your typical industrial type shop, we are enthusiasts that are interested in what we are achieving. Anyone who has met me personally would be fully aware of my extensive vintage bmx collection that has undergone much restoration over the years to achieve that New Old Stock appearance. All styles of bicycles are welcome here.

Virtually any alloy or metal component can be powder coated, frame and forks to pedal cages, it all comes down to understanding how the component performs and using the correct preparation techniques to successfully apply the desired finish. If you have any doubts about your local shop’s ability, we welcome business from Australia wide.

Please enjoy the photographs in our gallery and feel free to contact us for any information you require.

Roberto Lewis / Director