Powder Coating for Car Parts – Pricing


Below are STARTING PRICES for powder coating automotive componentry. These prices are for standard single coat colours and include all prep work.

Any repair work such as filling dents and rust pitting will be at EXTRA COST.

Metallic, candy, clear top coat and specialty colours will be at EXTRA COST and priced on application.

All prices include GST.

Pricing current as of Feb 2022

Car parts

Parts Price
Brake calipers (1 piece) from $130 each
Brake calipers (2 piece) from $160 each
Tappet cover twin cam (4 cylinder type) from $350 each
Tappet covers pair pressed steel (v8 type) from $330 pair
Engine bay brackets P.O.A


Parts Price
Upper A arms from $88 each
Lower A arms from $88 each
Cross member from $440
Diff housing from $450
Sway bar

Coil springs

from $120 each

from $77 each


Many automotive parts vary in size and difficulty and are best priced when seen by us.


Please read this before sending your parts.

We love working on automotive parts and often have lots of customers sending us their special projects from all over Australia, so we can really use your help to make our job more efficient. Please follow our checklist when preparing parts to send us.

  1. Be sure to completely disassemble your components. Remove bearings, nuts and bolts, washers, rubbers and plastic fittings.
  2. Do not send seized components. eg: piston stuck in caliper to be powder coated.
  3. Anything plastic or rubber still attached to your parts will melt at the curing temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Please remove all plastics.
  4. Only send us the parts that you want us to powder coat, don’t include nuts and bolts unless they absolutely must be powder coated. It’s often more ecconomical to replace your screws, nuts or bolts with new ones rather than powder coat old ones.
  5. Avoid letting someone else sand blast your parts, we have it down to a fine art and gently remove the paint from your parts. A coarse sand blast job will make our job harder and could possibly cause pitting in the final finish. Chemically stripped parts are okay.
  6. If mailing your parts, find a box big enough and strong enough to send your parts that we can use to return your powder coated parts. Remember that powder coated parts will be individually wrapped by us and will take up slightly more room in the box then unpainted parts.
  7. Contact us first before sending your items and include some documentation describing your full contact details and itemised list of all parts included and service required for your parts.